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Anonymous asked: How tall is Max Riemelt?

180cm / 5’10¾” :)


Tom Schilling & Max Riemelt in the making of Napola - Before the fall
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The entire cast was just terribly good looking.

#Once again I wonder why Max Riemelt is so underrated.


Anonymous asked: Had he ever mentioned what is his favourite city/country of the world? Can it be Berlin? Thank you.

Hmm, not that I know of. Sorry! 

Anonymous asked: Did Max Riemelt graduate university or college?

Apparently, I think, Max has a ‘Realschulabschluss’ (or ‘Mittlere Reife’).

According to Wikipedia, this is “roughly comparable with the American high school diploma or the British GCSE. It is regularly awarded after ten years of schooling.”

I know that Max never went to any kind of acting school and has never studied acting.

Hope this helps :)

Anonymous asked: Is it true that Max Riemelt has got girlfriend and daugter??

Yes, it is.

Anonymous asked: Whatever happened to Friedrich after he was kicked out of Napola? Went home?

I don’t know. The final scene has him walking away. I suppose it’s up to the viewer to decide that.

What do you think he would have done?

Smiles.. BOOM! Pregnant
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